At Retreat Life, we take small groups on exclusive escapes to unique locations to focus on their wellbeing, fitness and

health within the natural beauty of the British countryside.

Our signature retreats will kick start your health, leaving you feeling restored and re-energised.

Functional fitness and yoga classes, pilates, guided meditation, sound healing and a range of local activities including hiking,

wild swimming and more are all part of the Retreat Life program.

Inspirational talks and individual sessions with Mindset specialist and nutritionists will introduce you to

new and exciting ways to enhance your daily life. Massages using tailor made, natural and

therapeutic grade oils, will be scheduled in to further enhance the relaxation process. 


Throughout the retreats our kitchens will keep you re-fuelled and nutritionally balanced, with fresh juices, snacks and

delicious, healthy meals made from seasonal, locally sourced,
organic food.

We want to empower you with the latest advancements in integrated health so an Omnos test will be provided for each guest. The results of this DNA and lifestyle test will give you valuable insights into particular areas of wellness including nutrition, health and performance.

 At Retreat Life we work to create inspiring spaces for relaxation, healing and reconnection.