Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson BEd HONS, is an internationally renowned mindset specialist. From working as a deputy headteacher to being the first non-medic to be employed by the US Government to work with their veterans based in Asia, Scott believes that everybody deserves to have access to the knowledge and practical tools that can easily bring about and sustain wellbeing.

At different points of our lives, we all have to deal with emotional blockages, insecurities, private pressures, relationship issues, grief, frustration and unwanted patterns of behaviour and thoughts. By getting help from a mindset specialist we create an open landscape for solutions to be found and acted upon. This synergistic effect allows personal breakthroughs and transformations to take place and crucially take hold. Therefore, truly empowering the individual to further enhance their self-image, health and feel-good factor. 

With Scott’s help, everyone can develop the skills to work effectively with themselves and within leadership and management roles. This understanding creates greater inner credibility, clarity and the ability to communicate confidently and effectively.


In his twenty five years experience, expanding over eighty countries, he has coached and mentored clients that are pushed to the limit of their physical and mental wellbeing. These include members of the GB Athletics team, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Criminal Investigation Department (CID). His passion and experience from working within the educational sector has provided him with the opportunity to work as an advisor and trainer for corporate and educational leaders within the UK, The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) and the Dubai Government (KHDA).