Thomas Olivier


Thomas Olivier is a registered nutrigenomic practitioner and was the first coach in the UK to offer fitness and nutrition plans based on individual DNA make-up to world renown athletes and C suite executives. 

His innovative science-based coaching methods and his book Cracking Your Health Code have been aiding hundreds people to achieve their optimum health.


Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Omnos.

Omnos is an AI health optimisation platform that analyses one's genome combined with lifestyle and functional medicine tests to provide a scientifically validated dashboard of one’s health with personalised and actionable recommendations.


"I have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their optimum health and performance potential by heavily relying on the principles of bio-individuality and the core belief that being healthy and full of energy is our natural state and most of all our responsibility to maintain!" 

His smart health methodology, is a life transforming one, with a sustainable follow-up, offering long lasting tangible results.

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Thomas Olivier is a certified nutrigenomic practitioner