Joshua was born in Adelaide, Australia, moving to Melbourne in his early teens.  A natural athlete he played elite level Australian Football. Through out his time at Xavier College Melbourne he broke the 1st XVIII goal kicking records. He studied marketing at ACU in Melbourne, then worked for four years for PBL Media (Channel 9) in marketing and sales before moving onto corporate marketing and sales at Rim the company responsible for Blackberry. 


​Whilst working in media, he set up a fashion distribution company, distributing UK labels throughout Australiasia. Taking a year out to travel the world he spent several months at a variety of fasting, detox and fitness retreats in Thailand, returning annually to increase his understanding of his own potential, whilst getting a good basis of knowledge of the retreat business. 

A subsequent move to Bali saw him set up two fashion boutiques to provide retail spaces for his fashion clients. Life in Bali led him to realise a gap in the market for high end wellness and fitness facility. Finding the right location and raising the finances, he created and operated successful health and fitness retreat BALI FIT. A state of the art training facility with top trainers and yoga instructors, it attracted an international and local clientele of elite sportsmen and pro surfers, as well as fitness enthusiasts from around the globe. With a keen eye for marketing and operations Josh produced a unique and well regarded retreat facility.  


Since moving to the UK, Joshua has been involved in a variety of new business projects, whilst developing and focusing his desire to create a series of boutique wellness and fitness retreats in the UK and Europe. As a former athlete he understands the importance of the right type of training and nutrition for the best results. His personal work with mindset specialists has cemented his understanding of the benefits of a calm and focused mind. As a lover of sport, travel, good food and life’s luxuries, his aim is to provide a beautiful environment  for the retreats, each with its own unique offering for an all round fitness and wellness program. 


Tilly was born in London and grew up in the Cotswolds. A high-profile modelling career took her to live in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo in her late teens and early 20s.  Modelling naturally led her into the world of acting and film, working on both sides of the camera, working in production on tv commercials and music videos, whilst also acting in short films, films and TV. Tilly produced the award winning feature film “WINTER” and was nominated for a BIFA, Discovery Award for new talent, being involved in all the creative and production processes, from development through to post production and sales.

Tilly is currently the host of a new podcast Healthy Happy Home and writes a lifestyle blog "Through my Eyes". An integrated use of natural healthcare has played a big part of her life and in the way she has brought up her two children, now teenagers. Many years of work alongside a natural beauty product developer gave her a love of purity and transparency and an understanding of the importance of knowledge and informed choice. Tilly is a keen fitness enthusiast and an advocate of holistic and balanced living for happiness and well-being.


Alongside her husband Joshua Young, she has worked to design a series of rounded and rejuvenating programs of empowering retreats to better enhance energy levels by understanding of the importance of the right combination of nutrition, exercise and relaxation to create a healthier, more positive lifestyle.