Chloe loves fitness has excelled in many areas of sport including long-distance running, lacrosse and tennis. However after injuring her back in an accident, she took up Pilates, which enabled her to heal completely. Convinced and enthralled by the benefits of Pilates, she has been a dedicated devotee to all types of Pilates ever since. Taking her own Pilates to the next level she began teaching so that she could share the benefits her discovery to others.  

Chloe’s training is in STOTT PILATES®️. This type of Pilates incorporates modern exercise principles and applies proven and accepted practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. 


After many years of teaching Chloe has developed her teaching to be a mixture of classical STOTT Pilates and power Pilates. Power Pilates focuses on the STOTT Pilates principles, however the intensity is increased by use of repetition, small equipment and various newly developed exercises. 


Chloe brings vitality, core strength and flexibility to our specially tailored fitness program with her unique and effective combination of dynamic and traditional Pilates and hiit training methods